Biggest Retirement Mistakes

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My Comments: This is a dramatic headline, intended for those of us already retired or thinking about it. Most of us already understand that “retirement” today is very different from what it was 25 years ago. The changes that we see are influencing my life and millions of others.

Many people plan on supplementing their retirement funds by working past 65, but this plan may not be as sound as it seems. Bloomberg’s Suzanne Woolley breaks down the expectations and often unfortunate truths of working through retirement.

The video, which lasts about 60 seconds, appears on a web site that features many videos by a Barry Ritholtz and if you click the image just above, you should be able to see and hear it. I haven’t asked Barry for his permission so I may get in hot water, but hopefully he’ll not give me a hard time as the intent is to help you as you wrestle with the idea. Using a video is my attempt to present ideas using visual and audio rather than have you simply read some words. Let me know if you have issues with any of this.