CapAlt Risk Solutions™

CapAlt Risk Solutions is an extraordinary and relatively new approach to the management of business operational risks that exist in every successful privately owned business enterprise. If you’re the owner of one, I hope you’ll explore what I describe here.

My associate Craig Benson and I have two websites that address the application of the idea, designed to appeal to owners of successful small to mid-size privately owned business enterprises.

The first,, is directed toward privately owned medical practices or clinics addressing the needs of humans or animals.

The second, , is directed toward every other privately owned enterprise in the nation. This website is more comprehensive in it’s overview of the subject.

It’s based on an idea developed by Captive Alternatives, LLC over 25 years ago. Today, it’s an example of effective insurance design, designed to address the operational risks faced by any successful small to mid-size business enterprise 365 days a year. It’s been adopted by several hundred privately owned companies where the owners collectively have hundreds of millions of dollars waiting to be withdrawn for whatever purpose the owners choose.

Instead of purchasing your business operational insurance from a typical commercial insurance company, CapAlt Risk Solutions offers you significant advantages. The favorable outcomes for you include the following:

  • Over the course of an insurance year, after any or all claims are processed and satisfied, all funds left over are under your direct control, yours to recover at a time of your choosing since they are now considered surplus assets and and under your direct control. Depending on how you structure your participation, that money can be invested by you to benefit yourself or those you choose in future years.
  • Proactive efforts by you to manage operational risks will likely increase your net return, all the while receiving the same tax and accounting benefits as any large insurance company.
  • The ultimate outcome for you is to be financially rewarded over time for efforts made in support of good risk management protocols.
  • Any or all funds accumulating as surplus from prior years can be invested by you or the investment advisors you select.
  • As your future unfolds, the idea allows you to ultimately retire with more money to help you enjoy your retirement life, if that’s one of the outcomes you’re looking for.

Increased peace of mind in today’s stressful world also has benefits. Our idea, properly implemented, will allow you to make conservative operating decisions about your enterprise, be it a medical practice or in any other category, coupled with whatever future benefits flow to you from having more money at your fingertips.

For more information, I invite you to visit our CapAlt Risk Solution website where you’ll find what you need to start your journey to a more rewarding experience with insurance premiums for your business.

We identify 13 primary industry categories ( see the menu sub-headings on the home page ) with many sub-categories. As time permits, we keep adding to what we have to help you manage your business operational risks and be financially rewarded when using a CapAlt Risk Solution.