The CapAlt Risk Model™

The CapAlt Risk Model is a relatively new approach to the management of business operational risks that exist today in every successful American business enterprise. If you’re an owner of a successful small to mid-size business here in the USA, it may be in your best interest to explore what this is all about. It has the potential to dramatically accelerate your efforts to reach your financial goals.

It’s based on a financial idea developed by Captive Alternatives, LLC. It’s the distillation of over 20 years of contemporary insurance design and participatory re-insurance practices. It’s application is legitimate insurance to address the operational risks your business faces 365 days a year.

We call it the CapAlt Risk Model. It effectively brings the economies of scale typically found in large insurance companies to you, the American business owner. The favorable outcome for you is it allows funds left over after the resolution of any claims filed against your business operational risk policies to become surplus assets and protected equity, available to you, the business owners, at a time of your choosing. We believe you might also appreciate the chance to ultimately retire with more money to spend.

Below you’ll find two-page summaries, applicable to different business models. Each links to a specific type of enterprise, from medical practices to wineries, to other successful business categories. Click on any or all of them.