Tony Kendzior’s Short Bio

My name is Tony Kendzior. I’ve been a professional entrepreneur in financial services since 1975. I’m a trained insurance agent, financial planner, and investment advisor. You’ll see two sets of credentials after my name here and there. They were both awarded to me by the American College and are recognized in the financial services industry. The first is Chartered Life Underwriter, or CLU, and the second is Chartered Financial Consultant, or ChFC.

A few years ago I tried to retire but soon suffered from terminal boredom. Instead of going back to work as before, I decided to create an online school to teach anyone and everyone a creative way to think about their future retirement. It first appeared on the website Successful Retirement Secrets. You’ll find a Free Introduction course, and The Master Class, a comprehensive dive into the ideas as they appear in my book, The Dynamics of Retirement.

Today, my time is spent marketing the book and the online course. It’s a HOW TO program that will train the brain the best ways to process all the ideas that come your way about retirement. Without a filter, it turns into noise and is too easily ignored. When that happens, you arrive at retirement without enough money and no way to recover.

I also wrote and published Your Future Retirement. It’s a collection of timely ideas to help someone start thinking about retirement. Click on the book title and download a copy. It’s less than $5 and you’ll find it’s money well spent.

A current project is to revise a book I co-authored called Captive Wealth!. It’s still available but will soon be replaced as the strategic framework of the idea expressed has evolved. This book and it’s replacement articulates a proven financial strategy for successful small business owners and professional athletes. It’s a way for someone to create wealth from improved business efficiencies associated with risk and tax management. The wealth created can be used for  retirement income.

I arrived in Gainesville, Florida in 1959 as a freshman at the University of Florida. I graduated in 1963 with a degree in Business Administration that was followed by a Master in Education in 1975. I’ve been involved with many community organizations and efforts, including the Community Foundation of North Central Florida since it’s inception.

If you want a more detailed bio, the navigation bar above has an About Us tab where you’ll find Tony’s full biography. It may tell you more than you need or want to know. My goal is to continue working as long as I can. I’m no longer bored and doing something both rewarding and useful.