UF Caving Club 1959-1963

This page is intended to allow friends and family to glimpse my life as a college student. It has the added benefit of allowing me to document much of it while I still can.

The nexus of my social life was the Caving Club, or more officially, the Florida Speleological Society. When not in class or working part time, it was my identity. Fortunately I’m still in touch with some of these people, though many have now passed. We enjoyed a communal experience, complete with good times, and sometimes tragedy. I have strong memories of the people and places and our activities together. This effort is to help us recall the good times we had together and to allow me to relive the past.

You’ll find links below to sites where you can find dozens of photographs of those days and where you can stop and study the images.

The best first option may be a 15 minute YouTube version of a PowerPoint slide show. I’m working on adding an audio track but it’s not there yet. Here’s the link to the YouTube video:  https://youtu.be/81aSfboBP6I

I’ve put the PowerPoint presentation up in two places. They are Dropbox.com and Prezi.com   Click on either or both. You may have to register and open an account but there is no cost. If you know of any other site where they can be hosted with no restrictions, please let me know. Alternatively I can email you the file but be aware it is over 22 megabites.

Examples of songs we sung at the many after hours parties:
Caving Club Songs

Copies of the FSS Newsletter, The Florida Speleologist (TFS)
TFS Vol 2 #1 DEC59
TFS Vol 2 #2 MAR60
TFS Vol2 #3
TFS Vol2 #4 DEC62

A tribute to Lou Hippenmeier who died in 1962.
RIP Lou Hippenmeier

Florida Speleological Society Safety Regs

A Report of the Florida Cave Survey, April 23, 1959

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