Am I Guilty? (And if I am, What Happens Next?)

snoopingMy Comments: I’m interested in the debate about privacy, how it’s defined these days (or NOT), and as a society immersed in digital communication, how the boundaries of “acceptable” behavior are ultimately established to the benefit of ALL of us. By definition in the US Code, this blog post could be defined as “giving comfort to the enemy”, one result of which is putting my ass in jail.

Here is the issue as described by the author:

By William R. Polk July 22, 2013

VENCE, France – I have concerns over the trends toward all-knowing supervision (what former Vice President Dick Cheney called “total information awareness”) and full-spectrum dominance. (Reading such phrases drove me back to reading George Orwell’s 1984.)

I now realize that I was unduly optimistic thinking of current activities merely as trends. The future is already here.

If what is already “on the books” is not restrained by political and legal action, they are not trends but a “clear and present danger.”

So what is the law?
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