Workplace Safety, 1926

My Comments:workplace-safety-1926 Amid all the discussion about whether to raise the minimum wage, or whether it’s in our best interest for ALL of us to have health insurance, and how to keep the Social Security system solvent for the next generation or two, it’s easy to forget how it was before all that happened.

I ran across this image the other day and wonder if a return to the “good ol’ days” is in anyone’s best interest. Click on the image of these two guys and you’ll be taken to the full image and a short explanation.

Just as most of us can understand how these men saw their lives as normal, it’s my fervent hope that what my grandchildren think is normal includes much if not most of what we are fighting for today. Their normal will be far different from mine, and that’s OK. But it’s very hard for me to understand why conservatives want to take the radical step of going back to the old normal.