What went wrong with HealthCare.gov – and what now

healthcare reformMy Thoughts: Here we are, it’s December 2, and the President has assured us the website issues are fixed. I doubt they are; there were too many issues to get fixed. But they will get fixed since the PPACA is here to stay, and all the paranoia and hysterics will fade over time and we’ll see this as an integral part of society, just as we see the Social Security system.

But here is a rational explanation for what went wrong. I share it with those of you who give a damn about the healthcare delivery system in this country, know it was heading for a meltdown, and want a better outcome for our children and grandchildren.

By Amber May | November 20, 2013 | benefitspro.com

The launch of HealthCare.gov — the federal health insurance exchange website mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — went live Oct. 1. So many problems plagued the site that it prompted Congress to hold hearings about it in late October, with House GOP members demanding answers from involved parties that ranged from site contractors to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Experts outlined many of these issues in the September Benefits Selling cover story “System Failure,” which predicted the project’s scheduling challenges, necessary system interfaces and user experiences could lead to problems. But the scope of them went far beyond the site’s inability to process complex individual applications, as evidenced by the software crashes that rendered HealthCare.gov inaccessible to users.

Not only that, but enrollment numbers recently released by HHS fell short of expectations. Nearly 27,000 people signed up for private health insurance thoruhg HealthCare.gov one month into enrollment.

So what went wrong? What, if anything, went right? And what’s being done to resolve these issues?
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