Why Traditional Retirement Advice Could Leave You Broke

My Comments: I’ve now posted almost 1900 blog posts on this site since I started in 2011.

Everyone of them, until now, has required you to read a sometimes lengthy article on some topic. This one is a video that impressed me with it’s relevance.

I think it’s worth another 7 minutes of your day. Especially if you are in or thinking about your future retirement.

I don’t know the person talking in this video, but his message is very important. It expresses a sentiment that, while only part of the whole picture of retirement, addresses a compelling need.

My online school, Successful Retirement Secrets, and it’s two instructional courses, include questions and answers about investing money. There are other risks associated with money not addressed by the video. But it’s a great start.

If you want and expect to achieve a successful retirement, you have to first create a definition of what, for you, constitutes ‘successful’. This video is part of that process. Just click on the image below and watch…