The 19 Most Productive Countries In The World

My Comments: Computers and the internet have been the major drivers of worker productivity across the planet over the past three decades. Here in the USA, we think of ourselves as being the best and throw scorn on anyone who suggests otherwise. And like with so many things, we don’t let facts get in the way. These facts suggest we’re OK, but so are a lot of other countries.

Will Martin,  Jul. 24, 2016

Productivity is one of the key drivers of economic success. The more productive a country’s workers are, the more value they can bring to their employers and therefore their home nation’s economy.

New research from business-to-business marketplace Expert Market has shed some light on where in the world people are the most productive. Expert Market compared data from 35 of the world’s biggest economies before compiling their ranking.

To do this, they looked at the GDP per capita of nations and divided that by the number of hours worked per person, giving a rough guide to which nations make the most money in the least amount of time, and are therefore the most productive.

Numbers quoted below are the amount of value each worker brings to their country’s economy per hour worked. Check out the ranking underneath:

See all 19, ranked in reverse order, here: