The Middle East, Iraq, and the United States

OK, you’re sick and tired of this issue and want it to go away. But it never does and it may never, at least not in our lifetimes. So I challenge and urge you to read a recent interview and the comments made.

As someone who started life amid bombs raining down from time to time, I’ve been conscious and fearful of armed conflict since my earliest days. As a three year old, I can remember waking up one morning under the dining room table next to my mother. She had decided the table might provide at least some protection if a bomb hit nearby.

As an American citizen since 1959, I’ve been here as VietNam engulfed us and evolved, along with Somalia and Iraq and Afghanistan and all the many “little” conflicts along the way. I didn’t want to go to VietNam but received notice in the fall of 1960 to appear for my draft physicial. I remember driving to Ocala, getting on a bus with a bunch of other 19 year olds and we drove to Jacksonville. But I failed my physical and was given a 1-Y status instead of 1-A. So I’ve not served in the military.

Today we have a bunch of neocons and other ‘conservatives’ pushing for us to go to war with Iran. None of them will see a minute of combat like will the current crop of recruits. They seem to think dropping a few bombs on Iran and sending several hundred special operations troops will cause Irans’ national ambitions to suddenly change and conform to our version of democracy and lifestyle.

The map above is a link to the interview sent to me by my son. It is a compelling summary of how we got to where we are now, who the players are, and how we might move this whole idea forward to benefit all of us.  I urge you to read it, think about what is said and the implications, and not overlook the comments section that follows. Click the map above or click HERE NOW.