Post #1000 !!!

Three and a half years ago I decided it was time for me to assert myself and take advantage of a little knowledge about social media and a desire to write. I decided to start my own blog.

What you are reading, if WordPress metrics are to be believed, is post number 1000. How I got to this point I have no idea. How many people ever read what I post is also a mystery.

But it’s now part of my dayly weekday routine to make sure something gets posted. In the grand scheme of things I want it to provide value for someone other than myself. Clearly most of the posts have to do with what I know professionally about money, the management of it, and its relationship to economics, government, politics and a host of other forces that determine the outcome.

I’ve long known that my ability with the written word far exceeds my ability with the spoken word. As these 1000 or so ideas have flowed from my fingertips with indispensable help from other writers, I hope I’ve been useful to those of you who have either run across me somewhere or know me and find these ideas useful from time to time.

There seems to be an almost inexhaustable supply of material from which to choose. Some of it’s pure blather but a lot of it is worth repeating, which means a lot to me as my creative juices run dry on a weekly basis.

One thing I have failed to do over these past many months is to pose an important question to each of you: “What do YOU want to know more about?” I’ve made a vow to focus more of my energies on your answers, so going forward, my thoughts will hopefully be more about you than about me.

Assuming you choose to make a comment about this, I’m going to report back in another post what you collectively said. If there’s a collective silence, so be it; I’ll just keep on keeping on.

Lastly, I came across a group recently that helps people create online courses. The idea is that many of us have the ability to teach others something of value. They provide a step by step process to make that happen.

Look for me to soon announce an online course. My guess right now is it will be about investing money. The idea is to help anyone with the ability to think into the future, to arrive there with a pile of money. There will be no promises, but I’m convinced anyone’s journey into the future will be helped by a better understanding of the dynamics involved when it comes to money.

Thanks so very much for listening.TK signature

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