A Magic Clock!

My Comments: Well, not really magic, but what you see might be magical. This is not a profound commentary on the state of government, or investments, or of the world, etc. But it might amuse you for a few minutes, which you can perhaps benefit from.

You will find clocks that reveal almost everything, including the time, as you would expect. One of them will reveal your life expectancy. The URL for this “magic” clock is here: Poodwaddle.com/life

As an insurance agent and also mindful of my own mortality, it gave me a more positive number than I was expecting. Which is good. I hope you get a good number too.

There are dozens of other clocks on this site with all kinds of stuff, both interesting and mind numbing. Say, how do you actually pronounce the name of the site? Is it Poo Dwaddle or Pood Waddle?