What Should the Government Cut?

My Comment: The headline in today’s Gainesville Sun was that Gov. Scott’s veto pen was not as severe toward the University of Florida as had been feared. Here in Alachua County, UF is the economic engine that drives all of us. But while everyone fears their ox being gored, if the revenues aren’t there, and there is a constitutional requirement to balance the budget, some oxen are going to bleed to death. Just not mine, please.

This article is from my favorite thinker, Tom Barnett. He leads an organization called Wikistrat that brings together the collective thinking of individuals and groups whose life involves thinking about the future. Governments, business and academia pay money for this as it applies to their strategic planning. Here’s what he had to say recently. While I have little good to say about Gov. Scott, I recognize his dilemma.

The article defines four areas as follows:
Definite Keepers
Can’t Kill But Have to Radically Restructure
On the Bubble
Deserve the Axe

Tell me what you think we should do.

By Thomas P. M. Barnett

America is in the midst of yet another long-term government deficit problem that we once thought we had licked in the go-go Nineties. Remember when we were going to retire the federal debt?

Just like back then, political candidates now regularly foam at the mouth about which “redundant” federal agencies they’d whack the minute they set foot inside the Beltway. This begs the question: What activities are inherently federal?

According to the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, the legitimate candidates should cover one of the following goals:
• Form a more perfect union
• Establish justice
• Ensure domestic tranquility
• Provide for the common defense
• Promote the general welfare, and
• Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…

Hmmm. Not as clear as one might hope for.

Like most people, we spot a lot of wiggle room in that list, so this week’s Wikistrat exercise involves asking our global community of experts what should be kept and what should be ditched in the coming federal budget wars. The following is our list of lists!