One-Third of Adults Age 50 and Over, Aren’t Prepared For Retirement

That headline should cause Generation Xers and Millennials to pause and consider. It comes from a poll by the Associated Press – NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

And yes, before you read any further, this post is a commercial directed at GenXers and/or Millennials among my readers. (Maybe you could forward this to someone you know…)

It’s a commercial because I’ve spent much of the past four years writing and building out an online course to help people effectively plan their retirement. The name of my online school is Successful Retirement SecretsTM.

It’s a commercial because I’m trying to reach as many people as possible who worry they may arrive at retirement without enough money. What can they do now to make sure their bills are paid if they live too long?

It’s a commercial because I describe and teach a new way to think about retirement. Instead of focusing time and effort on what you hear on social media, on TV, or what you read in magazines, I want you to focus on something else.

The online school I’ve created has four separate courses. One of them is free, the others you have to pay for. The 4th one is under construction. You can find them HERE.

The free one is just a quick snack. Enough to whet your appetite but it won’t keep hunger away for very long. The rest will fill you up if you’re willing to make the effort to have enough money when you retire.

If there is a SECRET, as implied in the school name, it’s that before you worry about the answers people are happy to give you, especially those trying to sell you something, YOU NEED TO FIRST ASK YOURSELF SOME KEY QUESTIONS, AND COME UP WITH YOUR UNIQUE ANSWERS.

Learning this process will allow you to develop what I call a financial road map, something you can follow as you journey through life toward retirement. Having this road map in place will help you make better choices with your retirement money. And it will help with other life choices involving money along the way.

I’m also looking to build a sales team to help me. I need help reaching out to organizations across the country that employ lots of people. I see Successful Retirement SecretsTM as a cost effective employee benefit for human resource departments at hospitals, universities, cities and municipalities, related law enforcement agencies and public schools. And then there’s corporate America.

You’ll find several free videos on the web site. In two of them I’ve included a chart with numbers that are alarming. It suggests that some 30 years from now, the retirement savings shortfall in this country will be about $140 TRILLION. That’s a huge number, and if it’s true, will have an enormous impact on society.

The benefits that accrue to a 50 year old and up for learning what I’m teaching could be life changing. I’ve spent much of my adult life helping people solve financial problems and for many of you, retirement will not be a happy place.

If you know someone with a retirement savings problem, or someone whose skill set includes talking with HR departments, please let me know.

Tony Kendzior \ August 12, 2019