The Lessons To Be Learned From Old Maps

My Comments: I was drawn to this article by the title: The History of Britain in 11 Wacky Maps. (I see only 8 maps…?)  As an anglophile, with 70 plus years of experience with maps of England, I was intrigued.

I’ll not try to replicate all the text and the images in this post. Instead I’ll give you one map with a link to the article so you can explore it for yourself, if you are so inclined.

As I read it and reflected on the controversies depicted in the maps themselves, it reminded me once again that we tend to repeat the mistakes of the past. Today, we’re entering another period of significant social and political disruption, with progressives on one side and entrenched conservatives on the other.

Regardless who prevailed in the past, those of us alive today are a result of survivors who in turn had children and allowed us to appear. As an optimist, my guess is we’ll survive the current upheavals. At least some of us will. Whether it turns out OK for you and for me remains to be seen.

Of the maps, this one seems the most relevant today. Click on the map and the link will take you to the BBC web site where the article appeared the other day.