There’s an App for That!

mapmywalk14-12-26Several days ago I was trying to figure out the length of my step when I walk so I could determine how far I went on my morning walk. I figured if I counted my steps and multiplied by the number of inches, I could come up with a pretty good approximation.

The simplest way was to measure a length of sidewalk, count my steps and come up with a number. All I needed was a long measuring tape and do some math. Another way was to drive the car several times over the route and watch the odometer. Then do the math.

My sons comment was, “There’s an app for that.”

I’ve been using a smart phone for at least five years now, but there are technology advancements that are not part of my subconscious.

So I went to the iStore and found a free app that allows me to ‘start my walk’, turn off the phone, complete my walk, turn on the phone and then ‘end my walk’.

The app now tells me I went .56 miles in a little over 10 minutes. Not as far as I should go but better than sitting on my butt all day. Not only that, but the summary page includes a map of the route I took, even showing which side of the street I used and that I’m 71 feet above sea level.

My damn phone, turned off and in my pocket, knows which side of the street I’m on!

Some of my elderly clients refuse to buy stuff on the internet because someone might know (assuming they have and use a computer), where they live or learn their credit card number. Talk about living in the dark ages!