Commonsense Ways To Fix Social Security

As someone who has willingly accepted Social Security payments monthly for about four years, I have no strong motivation to upset the status quo. However, and this is a big however, I understand that the current path is not sustainable.

When it began in the 30’s, there were less than 3 people getting benefits for every 100 workers contributing to the system. It is dramatically higher today with the expectation that during our children’s lifetime, there will be more people receiving benefits than there are people contributing to the system. It is clearly unsustainable.

Modifications have been made along the way, such as the fact that I could not qualify for full benefits until I was 8 months past my 65th birthday. It’s reasonable to expect that more changes will have to be made, some that will affect my son and daughter, if they are going to benefit from monthly payments as have I.

Here is an article that I found at the Forbes web site a few days ago. The title alone suggested I read it. You should read it too…