Florida’s New Web-Based Health Marketplace Soon to Go Live

I have issues with much of the criticism about ObamaCare (or however you spell it). I’ve been involved with health insurance, how its designed, how its priced, how it has changed, how it has become abused, etc., for almost 40 years now. Yes, there will be some problems and unexpected consequences, but by and large, there is no rational reason for citizens of the wealthiest country in the world to not have reasonable access to affordable health care.

In the context of what I just said in the last paragraph, compare the health care outcomes for citizens of the respective next wealthiest countries across the world, and you discover we are way down the list. There is clearly a disconnect between our system and that enjoyed by citizens of other industrialized nations across the globe.

When the discussion started early in the Obama administration, my reaction was that my premiums would likely fall. Not because my health care provider would volunteerly reduce my rates, but because the many millions across the country who pay no premiums would begin to pay at least small amounts into the system. As it stands now, I pay for my health care and for at least one other person.

Since as a society we are not yet prepared to simply let people die when they get sick, we take care of them to some degree, and the cost for those who do not have health insurance is born by those of us who do, either in the form of higher than necessary premiums, or as a result of tax revenues collected by various government entities which gets spent on health infratstructure and specific, individual medical care.

I’m unfamiliar with Florida Health Choices as described in this article. I think its insane for us a state to refuse to accept Federal money. Unless and until we are prepared to simply let people die or sent them out into the swamp as food for snakes and alligators, every opportunity to improve the health status of our citizenry needs to be taken advantage of.

By Elizabeth Festa

Some Florida health insurers may be sending in letters of intent this Friday to join Florida Health Choices, a web-based marketplace that may have to stand in as the state health care exchange, as Florida has sent the Feds packing as far as implementing an exchange under the PPACA.

Florida’s Insurance Marketplace is a web-based shopping experience that allows easy access and side-by-side comparison of health care options for individuals, families and businesses. It is geared toward businesses with 50 or fewer employees, and administered by a 15-member board made up of appointees chosen by the governor, the Senate president and the House speaker.

The marketplace will have three classes of vendors: Health care services; licensed insurance companies or organizations; and administrative-oriented vendors, such as payroll service companies.

There will be three distinct implementation phases planned over the next 18 months, starting with the small group pilot and moving on into the long-range phase to include hospitals, provider organizations and corporations.

“We have been working with the insurer community this summer to design our first offering which will be small group,” Rose M. Naff, CEO of Florida Health Choices, told National Underwriter.

The draft Solicitation of Interest was published in September, with an updated solicitation of interest was republished on Oct. 7 and is available for viewing at .

“Insurers have agreed to use a common medical questionnaire for underwriting purposes and we are soliciting a quoting hub solution at this time, Naff said.