Social Security Changes for 2022

This information is for those of you in the following categories:

  1. You are not yet old enough to claim monthly benefits from Social Security.
  2. You are already 62 and older but have not yet claimed your benefits.
  3. You are already 62 or older and have claimed your benefits.

If you’re in category 1, you may want to share this with older family members.

If you’re in category 2 or 3, this could be very relevant. At the end of this post is an official 2-page Fact Sheet that identifies the 2022 Social Security Changes. 

Meanwhile this is what most of us will experience. Essentially it says there will be a 5.9% increase in SS income for 2020. Those who are also on Medicare will see an increase in Medicare costs which will likely wipe out much of your gains in SS.

Be aware that if you also have a Medicare Supplement insurance policy, you can expect the premiums for that coverage to also increase.

Mine has already told me what to expect. Don’t forget there is an open enrollment period from now through December 7th, allowing you to time to evaluate your choices and make sure you pay for coverage that is most appropriate and the least costly. Don’t ever have any illusions about what motivates insurance companies; it’s almost always what’s in their best interest, not yours.

Those receiving SS income will receive a document in the mail in December about the size of a large postcard. You’ll be asked to tear the edges off and then unfold. You’ll discover it’s your 2022 Social Security award letter. I strongly encourage you to keep it for future reference. Don’t just throw it away.

If you have not already done so, I also strongly encourage everyone to set up their personal account at This in an increasingly important information resource for anyone in any of the 3 categories identified above.

Like it or not, millions of us are increasingly resigned to the fact that our monthly Social Security benefits are critical if we expect to continue living and breathing normally in the coming years.

Here’s the information direct from the horse’s mouth: