Understanding The World We Live In

We are currently experiencing a fundamental disruption of the values I’ve lived with for the past 70 plus years. As someone on the leading edge of Baby Boomers, my values may subtly differ from yours if you’re a millennial, or somewhere in between. That’s OK and normal.

The societal disruption we’re now experiencing under the Trump Administration is effectively causing us to re-evaluate many of the values we’ve come to think of as normal. That’s a natural thing and similar to what we as a nation experienced in the 1930’s, in the 1860’s and the late 1700’s. It seems to happen every 70-80 years.

As might be expected, we live in a very different world than the world experienced by my parents, perhaps your grandparents, who lived as adults in the 1930’s. For one thing it marked the start of Social Security here in the US. It was decried then as “SOCIALISM” and should never be allowed to happen.

But economic and societal needs were such that it did happen, and today it’s an integral element of society across all 50 states. But there are still those whose belief system associated with Make America Great Again would have it go away, never to return.

Meanwhile, there are those of us who value highly the changes introduced over the past 70 years, to include things like protecting the environment, spending money on public education, dealing with the increasing existential threat of climate change, regardless of who caused it. If it’s happening, does it really matter if it was God or if it was humans? Either way, it’s going to dramatically transform the future if we don’t make at least some effort to mitigate the risks.

As an immigrant and naturalized American citizen, I’m perhaps more sensitive than most to the values expressed in other parts of the world. Just as those of us in southern states seem to have different cultural values than those in northern states. It appears in the way we speak and act toward others. It’s not unique to us, as it appears across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Some of it is subtle while some of it very obvious.

The values espoused by the political ‘right’, be it in Europe, Africa, South America or here in the US, do not align with the values that have become “normal” to many, if not most of us, here in the US.

It might manifest as expressions of religious belief that ultimately suggest “my God is better than your God”. It might manifest itself as racism which says, in effect, if I was born white, or black,  and you weren’t, then “you’re not worthy so get used to it”. I may not be saying this very well, but both of those bother me a lot.

I recently came across something written by Alex Henderson, and published last February 2nd. In his article, he listed 9 things Americans see differently than how they’re seen by the rest of the world.

Here’s his list. If you want to read what he says, just follow the link I just gave you.

  1. Universal Healthcare Is Great for Free Enterprise and Great for Small Businesses
  2. Comprehensive Sex Education Decreases Sexual Problems
  3. American Exceptionalism Is Absolute Nonsense
  4. Adequate Mass Transit Is a Huge Convenience
  5. The Bible Was Not Written by Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers
  6. Learning a Second or Third Language Is a Plus, Not a Character Flaw
  7. Union Membership Benefits the Economy
  8. Paid Maternity Leave Is the Norm in Most Developed Countries
  9. Distrust of Oligarchy Is a Positive

Unfortunately, all of this assumes a level of comprehension about any or all of them. As a reader of this post, I trust you’ll be able to understand, if not agree.

I suspect we’ll be OK, but the crap we’re living with now is getting very tiresome.

Tony Kendzior, September 4, 2019