Best New Ideas in Retirement: # 1 of 8

As a financial planner for many years, my focus was always on the financial aspects of retirement. Apart from it being how I made my living, it also supports the notion that life with more money is almost always better than life with less money.

As I’ve slowly moved into the retirement phase of my life, my focus has shifted to include more than just money. A key element of this idea is to have others start to ask of themselves “How much money is enough?”.

Does it make sense for you to know what you have in mind in terms of how you want your retirement years to play out? Will having a target number as an answer to that question make it easier to achieve success?

On a global scale, the traditional way of planning for retirement is turning out to be a bust. Too many people realize, too late, they simply don’t have enough money. I’ve tried to combat this by publishing my own effort in the form of an online school I call Successful Retirement Secrets.

I’ve prepared a number of free, short videos to introduce what I have in mind. It’s a work in progress so if you don’t see what you need today, please reach out to me and I’ll try to help you find what you need.

My new way to think about and plan for retirement is to focus energy on questions that must be first be asked of yourself, and answered, before you do anything else.

Contrast this with the typical approach to the problem which has been responding helter skelter to the supposed ‘answers’ offered in the media and from otherwise well meaning financial advisors. Their ‘answers’ don’t necessarily apply if you have no clue about the real substance of the questions they presumably answer.

What follows below comes from the headline attached to this blog post. It was written by Jeremy Olshan, an editor at MarketWatch and published July 17, 2019. If you are interested, you can find it here:

There are 8 ideas presented and expressed. That’s far more than I can absorb in one sitting so at the risk of getting in trouble with the folks at MarketWatch, I’ve decided to apply them individually to 8 blog posts, starting with this one. They’ll appear over the next few days and weeks on this, my personal web site.

100% of the credit for all 8 goes to MarketWatch and the writers of each idea. I think they’re brilliant and I’m happy to endorse them to the extent I’m able.

I encourage you to read and explore and perhaps apply the ideas to your circumstances and others who are important to you. Here’s the first one:

Jonathan Burton:

Why you’re probably not psychologically ready to retire


Tony Kendzior \ July 24, 2019