Trump is on to us, so I’m spilling the beans.

I’ve been outed, I tell you. Is it because I’ve been hiding in the closet for the past 70 years? NO!  Is it because despite my blog posts these many years, I’m actually a Republican? NO!  Is it because I’ve been ripping off unsuspecting clients for years and I’m now incredibly wealth? NO! Is it because I was in the bathroom when our group photo was taken? NO!

It’s because I’m now revealed as being Anti-Fascist. For years I’ve reviled the likes of Francisco Franco, Benito Mussolini and of course, Adolph Hitler. And now I have someone else with whom I have a problem. So when I came across this article the other day, I felt compelled to share it with all my fellow antifa colleagues with whom I’ve been secretly conspiring for all these years. Damn! The shame is almost overwhelming. And by the way, son-in-law, where’s my T-shirt?

by Rex Huppke \ JUN 10, 2020 \

This is my attempt to share the truth about antifa’s secret senior soldiers.

The truth about antifa is coming out. (If you’re unsure what antifa is, or if you’re not afraid of antifa, please go watch Fox News for a few hours and then return to this column with your trousers appropriately soiled.)

President Donald Trump has accused a 75-year-old Roman Catholic peace activist critically injured by police during a recent protest in Buffalo, New York, of being an “ANTIFA provocateur.” The man was seen in a viral video approaching police like he wanted to talk and then getting pushed backward, falling and bashing his head on the sidewalk.

The man wound up in intensive care and two officers involved in the shoving were charged with assault. At first, we here at Antifa Headquarters (I won’t tell you where it is, it’s a secret) thought we were in the clear. We thought our most valuable asset — a septuagenarian super-soldier — would not be found out.

But then came Trump’s tweet on Tuesday: “Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur.”

Dang, how did he find out?

The actual president of the United States of America continued to write that the 75-year-old “was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. … I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?”

As soon as I saw that tweet, I knew the jig is up. Trump is on to us. He knows about the scanners. He knows we’re trained to fall harder than we’re pushed. He knows we’ve successfully recruited a small army of seemingly innocent and decent seniors and dispatched them to “black out the equipment” of police officers across the nation. (The phrase “black out the equipment” doesn’t actually mean anything, which is why it’s so nefarious that we antifa types are constantly aiming our scanners at things.)

So I’ve decided to quit and spill the beans on this secretive, radical-leftist organization. Why? Well, let’s just say it has to do with a dispute over a free T-shirt I was supposed to receive with my membership. I mean, c’mon, you don’t offer people a free shirt and then just say, “Sorry, the XL is out of stock.”

Anyway, I’ll miss the weekly check from liberal billionaire George Soros, but it seems high time Americans learned the truth.

For starters, antifa — short for “anti-fascist,” which is apparently a bad thing to be if you’re a Republican — is often described as a “loosely organized” collection of autonomous groups. (Again, I joined mainly for the T-shirt, a general aversion to fascists and because I find wearing black to be slimming.)

Here’s an explanation from a Tuesday story in The Washington Post that cited people like Mark Bray, the author of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” and a historian at Rutgers University: “Experts say the most common misconception is that the participants are a coherent group. Their numbers are small — though experts say the count is hard to pin down — and their organization is decentralized. In most U.S. cities, they are too small to have a visible presence. When making their most concerted effort to gather from across the nation, they’ve only reached a couple hundred. They spend most of their time not fighting or protesting, but rather tracking what neo-Nazis in their communities are doing and outing them to employees and neighbors.”

I suppose that sounds about right. But let me tell you, for a decentralized organization, antifa sure has LONG Zoom meetings. Just last week, the morning staff meeting ran way over, thanks to disagreements over gluten-free options for the upcoming bake sale.

I mean, I get that Keith and Tonya have strong opinions about spelt, but that was time we could’ve spent aiming our scanners at police equipment.

The Post story also noted President Trump’s repeated fearmongering about the group: “Experts who have studied antifa say there is no evidence that the fringe, amorphous group is driving nationwide protests, and Trump hasn’t cited anything specific as he accused them of doing so. Some experts worry Trump is conflating antifa with peaceful protesters in a dangerous way for democracy.”

Technically, that’s correct. We haven’t managed to drive nationwide protests, use computer chips provided by Microsoft’s Bill Gates to control the minds of young conservative children or generally smash fascism as relentlessly as we’d like. (Honestly, I blame part of that on the Zoom meetings. And yes, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU, KEITH AND TONYA!!)

5 thoughts on “Trump is on to us, so I’m spilling the beans.

  1. Tony B

    I wonder if you anti-Trumpers will figure him out before the end of his second term. I love this new martyr “Catholic protestor”…..(If he was protesting a leftist cause, maybe Planned Parenthood, , he’d be called an “evangelical”). He was looking for trouble, and a riot line was advancing. Trump trolled you and this columnist. BTW….seen what is happening in Seattle and Portland today? I suppose that’s a bunch of John Birchers…..
    DEFUND THE POLICE!!! (Trump is going to trick Biden into adopting that as his slogan)


      1. Tony B

        Cult member? Explain?
        I just have a clear eye for BS…..all politicians are full of it……and Trump knows it, so he trolls you by turning the left’s rules on them. AGain, you’ll figure it out in his second term.


  2. As someone ( Martin Longman ) notes, tweeting is all Trump has. He “has no forward-looking legislative agenda. He has no foreign policy successes. His appeal is almost entirely wrapped up in his act, or his ability to make a spectacle of himself. If he didn’t tweet on a regular basis, there’d be no reason to pay attention to him. If he didn’t do outrageous things, there’d be no reason for anyone to enjoy the show.”



  3. Tony B

    Seriously, Mr. Longman? Again, you gents will get it in some time in his second term (whether you admit it to yourselves or not). Salena Zito said it best “Trump enemies take him literally but not seriously, his supporters take him seriously but not literally.”
    What does he do that’s outrageous? He shakes the box perhaps, because it’s effective. It’s all in his book, and he does it again and again and again. Lest I remind you, his reduction in corporate and personal taxes caused companies to repatriate hundreds of billions of dollars; everyone who paid taxes (except the high income folks in high tax states) had a reduction in taxes, and his reduction in red tape created a robust economy. No foreign policy successes? Is he kidding? Remember Isis? If Hillary won, we’d have been at war with North Korea by now. Trade deals have been updated/renegotiated, and he will win the econ war with China…(his opponents, on the other hand, are in China’s pocket).
    With COVID, he handled it perfectly. He followed the advice of the experts at every turn (which has not been a great idea) with one exception: they disagreed with him on his China travel ban. Then, he properly let the states handle it, with federal backup.
    Now, red America is scratching their heads wondering why democrat governors and mayors are watching people destroy their cities. I’ll be shocked if he loses more than 5 states in November.
    If you have an open mind, and understand economics, Trump is not mad….he’s extremely rational….but his opponents do not give him any credit because…..ORANGE MAN BAD….


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