Covid19 Truths From The BBC

My Comments: This morning I ventured out to the grocery store for the first time in weeks. Up to now, our son has been on the front line for grocery shopping.

It went pretty well. I arrived at 8:30, my position in line was about #75 and at 9:00 the doors opened. Fortunately I got in with the first batch of shoppers and scurried around the store with my shopping list. No toilet paper but there were facial tissues. The shelves had clearly been re-stocked overnight. In the meat department they were still busy filling the display cases.

45 minutes later I left with my captured items, put them in the car, wiped my hands and surfaces with a Clorox wipe, removed my mask and headed home.

The following which came from the BBC in England, reflects much the same story we’re experiencing here. The video apparently features Emily Maitalis, someone I’ve never heard of before. My takeaway from all this is that society is going to re-prioritize many things in the coming years. Much of it is long overdue.

20.04.09 \ Author unknown \

Covid19 is not a great leveller. Covid19 does not hit the poor and rich alike. There will of course be exceptions but the rich can largely escape Covid19. Ordinary people have to face Covid19 daily. Ordinary working people. People who work as your caregivers, your postal workers, your delivery people, your store clerks, your construction workers, your electricians, your frontline medical staff. They did not sign up to go to war. They are not trained to fight a war. They are not paid to be brave.

You do not survive the Trump plague by being strong or brave or by “fortitude and strength of character” as Downing Street is telling the world.  You survive it by a combination of luck and good medical care. Being young and fit is not a guarantee of survival.

The consequences of the Trump plague are not the same for rich or poor. If you are in a tiny flat with two children and an aggressive partner your life is not the same as someone with an acre of land that they can go out to walk on, not worrying about the need for social isolation.

Emily Maitilis brutal exposure of the Covid19 myths really did hit home.

Those who have been on the front line right now, bus drivers, shelf stackers, nurses, care home workers, hospital staff and shopkeepers are disproportionately the lower paid members of our workforce. They are more likely to catch the disease because they are more exposed.

Those who live in tower blocks and small flats will find the lockdown tougher. Those in manual jobs will be unable to work from home. This is a health issue with huge ramifications for social welfare, and it’s a welfare issue with huge ramifications for public health.




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  1. Tony B

    “The Trump Plague”. Even by Daily Kos standards, that’s a disgrace. The left is covering themselves with glory, I have to say….


  2. I would life yo see discussion of how to encourage people over sixty and people with pre existing physical conditions to self isolate snd shelter. Deaths for heathy people under are extremely rare. The statistics can be found on the CDC web pages. In Georgia five out of 550 total deaths were healthy people under sixty. That is a pretty small number can be argued is not large enough to warrant quarantine or self isolation.


  3. In my community, the county imposed a significant lockdown four weeks ago. Businesses closed, schools closed etc. To date in our county we have over 500 confirmed cases and no deaths. The challenge for every community is the unknown transmission rate/ability of the virus from presumably healthy people to infect others in the community. I’m almost 80, my wife a 75 yo smoker and diabetic. Our kids who live in same town don’t want us going out unless we absolutely have to. I broke that dictum this morning. The outcome of all this is going to favor those who isolate faithfully to the extent they can given their economic status. North Dakota governor thinks stay at home is a fools errand. A huge meatpacking plant in SD employing over 3000 people had to shut down Monday because, lo and behold, testing showed over 500 of them were infected. Keep that up and the nations food supply goes into the tank. And you can bet some of their elderly family members will die. I also don’t want my children to feel they were the vector if my wife or I get it and die. I’ll put up with the inconvenience for a long time to keep that from happening. But that only works because I’m more or less retired and can work from home.


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