Andre The Giant

My Thoughts: Happened across an article about Andre the Giant yesterday. I remembered an event from  about 25 years ago while in the Atlanta airport. It was in a departure area with lots of people milling about, all of waiting to board. I glimpsed, perhaps 50 feet away, a face I thought I recognized from TV. Initially, I thought it was Andre the Giant, but this person wasn’t tall enough so I thought I was mistaken.

Several minutes later the crowd had thinned and I looked again. Same person, again no taller than I as he talked with other people. But I then realized he was sitting down on one of those departure area benches. It was definitely Andre the Giant and sitting down, his eyes were level with mine as I stood and stared, carefully.

David Goldenberg / 21 Dec 2015

There are 42 half- or full-page ads in the December 21, 1981 issue of Sports Illustrated, and 29 of them are for alcohol or cigarettes. But that two page photo spread featuring what appears to be a new miniature version of the Molson beer can? It’s not an ad at all. It’s the opening image to an amazing story about one of the largest characters the world has ever known: André Roussimoff, aka André the Giant.

You can find the whole article HERE.