“Our goal is to help you retire with resources to live a long, happy and joyful life.”

This web site is about YOU, YOUR MONEY and YOUR LIFE. On the menu above and the side panel on the right are ideas to guide your thinking going forward. My blog posts reflect how I think and what I believe my friends and clients will find useful. Don’t ever hesitate to make a comment and tell me what is important to YOU.

To help others achieve the goal expressed above, I’ve created an online school called Successful Retirement Secrets™ . The school offers three courses, A Quick Snack, Lunch On The Go, and A Sit Down Meal. Click on the image to the right and you’ll find yourself at the site where there are free previews for each course.

The underlying theme of the school is to help someone articulate their vision of a successful retirement. And then define what steps to take to reach their retirement goals. At no point do I teach you what to do, but instead teach you a framework from which you will make better decisions along the way.

Course #1 is A Quick Snack. this is a free course to start your thinking about retirement. What do you want your retirement to look and feel like?

Course #2 is Lunch On The Go. Here you’ll find 3 video lessons that outline the framework for a successful retirement. You’ll learn 8 critical questions to ask of yourself as you prepare for what could be a 25 to 30 year journey into an unknown future.

Course #3 is A Sit Down Meal. This course is a comprehensive overview with 18 video lessons across 4 modules that gets to the heart of the problem. The four modules are Getting Ready for a 21st Century Retirement, Investing Your Money for Retirement, Social Security and You, and Creating Your Financial Road Map to Follow. You’ll come away with an integrated path to follow to help achieve a stress free and financially secure retirement.

Investment Management and Advice.

Whether you are just starting to think about retirement or are retired already, managing your money well is always an issue.

  • Is risk necessarily a bad thing for you?
  • How much risk are you comfortable with?
  • How can you best identify someone you can trust to help you?
  • How much will you need to maintain your standard of living in retirement?
  • What can you do to avoid running out of money before you run out of life?

Maximizing Social Security.

As people think about retirement, they realize Social Security is a critical part of their monthly income.

  • When is the best time to apply for benefits?
  • What are the penalties if you claim your benefits before your Full Retirement Age?
  • What are the tax implications if you claim benefits too soon?
  • What can you expect to receive if you live to be 90 or longer?

Health Issues in Retirement

The cost of health issues in retirement can be a major hurdle to overcome. With an aging population, and financial pressures at the Federal level, the potential for a crisis with Medicare and Medicaid is always a possibility. Add to the simple maintenance of your day to day health, there is the looming threat of Long Term Care. In days past, the elderly and infirm were housed in old age homes and rest homes for their care. The modern definition of LTC encompasses far more, with demands for support services over an extended period. Who is going to pay for all this? You need to be aware, either now or soon, what options you have for you and your family members.

Why Did I Create Successful Retirement Secrets™?

My professional life is winding down and is now focused on developing an internet school designed to help people navigate the transition to retirement. After 45 years in private practice, I decided it’s time to stop chasing clients and instead share some of the ideas I’ve learned and used to benefit my clients. The result is an internet school where I get to teach folks, from 30 to 70, ways to make better financial decisions to achieve financial freedom in retirement.

This site is a work in progress, so don’t hesitate to comment and tell us what is important to you as you plan for the future. TK signature

4 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. John – glad you feel it might add value to your life. I’m in the process of changing the underlying theme of the site, ie the graphical interface, the part you see. Maybe this weekend. Just to refresh things a bit. I’ve been holding workshops on various parts of the retirement income puzzle over the past 15 months. It puts me in front of perhaps 140 new people every year, with the hope some become clients. My industry is going through a dramatic transformation, from people in offices like mine, either managing money individually, or using a third party like we did with your money. The fees are now on the order of 25 basis points per year instead of 2.5%. In my case I can do it for that and add 50 basis points if someone wants to be able to call me anytime or email me for any reason over the course of the year. That includes comprehensive financial planning that you can’t get from the robo advisors. The challenge now is to figure out the necessary digital marketing method to bring people into the fold. What are you and LL doing with your time? Do you ever get up to Gainesville? Would love to see you and spend some time with you again. Tony


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