Speech: A Tough Minded Optimist

Many years ago I was sent the text of a speech given by a Dr. McGinnis at the annual meeting of the Million Dollar Round Table. This is an organization comprised of life insurance professionals whose skills result in life insurance policies sold where the total face amount sold in one year is in the millions. Fifty years ago, $1,000,000 put you among the elite. Today, not so much, but the threshold for qualifying has simply increased dramatically.

But this has nothing to with life insurance. It’s about having a state of mind that allows you to overcome adversity. Over the years, whenever I’ve felt overwhelmed or feeling sorry for myself, I find this and read it. I encourage you to read all seven pages. You’ll be glad you did.


A Speech to the Million Dollar Round Table
By Dr. Alan Loy McGinnis

A few years ago I was stranded in the Salt Lake City airport. The weather was bad, all the planes were late, and it was a mess. When we finally boarded our plane at 10:30 that evening, it was packed and everybody was tired and irritable. That is, everybody except the well-fed salesman sitting next to me. He was cheerful and happy, teasing the two little kids across the aisle, spreading some good cheer.

“What do you sell?” I asked.

“Oil drilling tools.”

At that time, oil was about $11 a barrel, so I said, “Oh, that must be a terrible business to be in these days.”

“No,” he replied. “It couldn’t be better. We just opened a new branch in Bakersfield and it’s doing great. This could turn out to be our best year.”

“But isn’t the oil business in a terrible recession?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “but we’ve decided not to participate.”

CLick here: A Tough Minded Optimist to download and finish reading the speech. You’ll be glad you did.

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