SRS Summary

Successful Retirement Secrets™ is an online school with three courses. All three are intended to train the brain about retirement and take important steps before retirement day arrives.  It’s a new way to think about and plan for what could easily be a long journey into an uncertain financial future.  Students will develop a strategic ‘road map’ to follow as they journey through life. Click on the links below and watch free previews.

Four courses are offered (#4 is under construction), from the very simple, to a relatively quick overview, to a lengthy and comprehensive course leading to a full understanding of what needs to happen if someone wants a successful retirement.

Here’s a listing of the courses. Each has a free preview to help YOU decide if any of this is worthwhile, and if so, which course will offer you the best results.

Course #1 – A Quick Snack: this course if free to anyone. It’s where you start training your brain about retirement and developing the necessary skills for a truly successful retirement. There are several short videos to start the process.

Course #2 – Lunch On The Go: this is a 30 minute course for someone with many years before retirement, or someone on a restricted budget. You will find all the basic ingredients, along with my insights into the 8 critical questions to be asked of oneself, and answered. It’s a condensed version of A Sit Down Meal.

Course #3 –  A Sit Down Meal: this course is a comprehensive training experience with 21 video lessons (and more to come) across 4 modules. In reality, it will take someone months to absorb and implement the steps being taught. If a student is serious about their financial future, ready to learn what they must do to get ready for retirement, this course will dramatically help them. The goal for everyone is to arrive at retirement prepared for a worry free and financially secure retirement, one that could last as much as 30 years with many new existential threats to overcome.