Successful Retirement Secrets Summary

Successful Retirement Secrets™ is an online school that teaches someone how to better plan for their eventual retirement. The focus is a new way to think about and plan for retirement. The result will be a strategic ‘road map’ for someone to follow as they journey through life. Click on the links below and watch free previews.

Four courses are offered (#4 is under construction), from the very simple, to a relatively quick overview, to a lengthy and comprehensive course leading to a full understanding of what needs to happen if someone is to be successful.

Here’s a listing of the courses. Each has a free preview to help YOU decide if any of this is worthwhile, and if so, which course will offer you the best results.

Course #1 – A Quick Snack: this course if free to anyone. There are several short video’s whose sole purpose is to get a visitor to start them thinking about the steps necessary to arrive at retirement with enough money to be successful.

Course #2 – Lunch On The Go: this is a 30 minute course for the ‘do-it-yourself’ person, or someone on a restricted budget. All the basic ingredients are there, along with my insights into the 8 critical questions to be asked of oneself. It is a condensed version of A Sit Down Meal.

Course #3 –  A Sit Down Meal: this course has 18 (with more to come) video lessons that will require a minimum of 2½ hours if no breaks are taken. Realistically, it will takes months to absorb and implement. If taken seriously, a student can expect to arrive at retirement fully prepared for a worry free and financially secure retirement that may last as much as 30 years.