Social Security Handout…

This is the front and back of a 4×6 inch card I created. I’ve put them in the hands of CPAs and attorneys. They tell me they are constantly being asked to provide Social Security help. However, very few have the answers needed by their clients. We have that help.
Not only are there a possible 97 months during which you can apply for benefits, if you are married, there are up to 9 different ways you can apply during each of those 97 months. Which is why you may need some help deciding which month is best for you.

The difference between the worst choice and the best choice is typically over $100,000 for a married couple in their early 60’s. We charge nothing to provide you with a personalized Social Security Maximization Report that will tell you when is the best time.

However, we need you to fill out a date input form in advance so that our time is not wasted. Here is the form which you can fill out online and email back to us. We welcome the opportunity to help you with your money. MMSS Data Input Form.

In addition, we’ll provide a timeline for you with other critical months that are important to your financial future.

Call me, Tony Kendzior, at 352-332-0749 or send an email to for help with this critical decision.

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