What and Who is Successful Retirement Secrets?

Successful Retirement Secrets™ is the creation of Tony Kendzior who for many years functioned as Florida Wealth Advisors. That’s the name of the enterprise owned by Tony since the 1990’s. Today it’s located in North Central Florida at 6382 SW 48th Drive, Gainesville, FL 32608.

Tony Kendzior, CLU, ChFC has been an entrepreneur in financial services since 1976. He is a semi-retired financial planner, financial advisor, investment advisor, and insurance expert, committed to the intelligent growth and preservation of your money. He has done this successfully for 45 years, with transparency and integrity. Your success is his success.

Currently, the primary area of focus is an internet school he has authored and published to help people create a worry free and financially secure retirement.

Successful Retirement Secrets™ offers three internet courses to help anyone not yet retired, develop a plan for their financial future in retirement. The name of the school serves as the web site where anyone can find free previews of the courses offered.  https://successfulretirementsecrets.com

The goal of each course is to teach someone a step-by-step system to process and effectively filter the sometimes overwhelming information people encounter about retirement. The student will develop a solution to this problem and be able to make better strategic and tactical decisions in life. The result will be a transformation in their understanding of what it takes to get from here to there before it’s too late.  A primary goal is to arrive at retirement with more money rather than with less money.

A Quick Snack – this course, offered at no charge, consists of several short videos designed to help someone realize the need for some planning if retirement is in their future. What do you want your retirement to look like?

Lunch On The Go – a simple overview of retirement and how it should be approached. There are 3 video lessons that identify 8 primary questions about retirement and how one’s answers will help a student start building an effective financial road map to the future.

A Sit Down Meal – a detailed and comprehensive overview of questions you must first ask of yourself, and answer. 20 video lessons across 4 modules expand on the 8 primary questions about retirement. You’ll find multiple options to help build a detailed and comprehensive financial road map to the future.

One more thing:  Are you a small business owner or physician in private practice? Or a professional athlete? Would you like to pay a smaller tax bill every year? If this is you, you should learn about captive insurance companies. I wrote and published an ebook on this topic called Captive Wealth! If you click on the title, it will take you to the publisher where you can download a copy. Call me first and I’ll send you a coupon code so you can download your copy at no charge.

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