Who Is Florida Wealth Advisors ?

FWA logoFlorida Wealth Advisors LLC is a Florida Limited Liability Company, located at  6382 SW 48th Drive, Gainesville, FL 32608. We are financial planners, financial advisors, investment counselors and insurance experts, committed to the intelligent growth and preservation of your money. We’ve done this successfully for 40 years, with transparency and integrity. Your success is our success.

We have three primary areas of focus. They are:

Investment Management and Advice. How long will your money last? Are you likely to run out before you die? These are critical questions that need to be talked about before it’s too late. With 40 years of experience, we’ve have a good idea what works and what doesn’t. We have a fiduciary relationship with all our clients and pride ourselves on being transparent, timely, sensitive to risk management, and keeping the fees you pay to a minimum.

Maximizing Social Security. As people think about retirement, they realize Social Security is a critical part of their monthly income. When is the best time to apply for benefits? Which of the 97 months to choose from will work best for you? Do you have a spouse that will depend on Social Security if you die first? You need to get in touch with us to help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Keep More Of What You Earn. Are you a small business owner or physician in private practice? Would you like to pay a smaller tax bill every year? If this is you, you should learn about captive insurance companies. I wrote a short ebook on this topic called Captive Wealth! If you click on the title, it will take you to the publisher where you can download a copy. It’s the best $9.99 you’ll ever spend.

These three ideas (and more) help promote what I call Financial Freedom. It’s a state of mind that allows you freedom to live your life as you choose, knowing you’ve done everything you can to minimize risk and maximize what you have to spend. It’s a good feeling.


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