Your Expectations

What Are Your Expectations?

Knowing what to expect, from yourself, and from your advisor, is critical to your peace of mind. As a financial professional, my task has been about making sure clients achieve their financial goals. It’s not just about your money; it’s about helping you manage your behavior, your expectations and goals. If this sound pre-sumptious, please read on.

We all face risks of one kind or another, in virtually everything we do in life. The risks we face with our money, however, are much harder to deal with. For one thing, having money to spend, in our society, is much better than not having money. If you are looking at the rest of your life without money, it‘s more than just depressing.

For another, financial risks are typically risks we are not trained to evaluate. So it boils down to having money or losing it. Which is not a good thing. The role played by financial advisors like us is to ask lots of questions, about who you are, about what you want to do with the rest of your life, and what kind of help you think you need. Then we help you understand and evaluate the various risks you face with your money as your life moves forward, and manage those risks appropriately.

Your knowledge about money and the role it plays in your life is critical to our understanding of what your expectations are about us, or whomever is advising you. If your expectations are unrealistic, either in terms of what we as your advisor can help you achieve, or what return on investment you need to make you happy, then we may have a problem.

If however, we can arrive at a mutually agreed upon list of expectations, then there is the opportunity for both of us to benefit. To that end, as we move through the discovery period, that time when we ask questions of each other, we will develop an Investment Policy Statement that outlines our respective obligations to each other. This will be the document that defines your relationship with us, and we as your advisor with you. If we do it right, chances are great that the outcome will be positive for both of us.

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