Woman Hollering Creek, Texas

I’ve long had an interest in place names and how they came to be. I was reminded of this several weeks ago when driving across Texas and saw a sign on a bridge that read “Woman Hollering Creek”. I imagined a surveyor and map maker coming across yet another creek at the end of the day and wondering what to call this one. Someone in his crew says, “Hey, did I just hear a woman hollering”? So that’s what he named it.

England has it’s share of strange place names. About 50 years ago I was on a tour bus with my aunt somewhere in Scotland. We came to a T junction in the middle of nowhere with a sign by the road that read Lix Toll. No traffic light, no pub, no farm house, no other traffic, nothing; just rain, heather and gorse and rolling hills.

I asked the bus driver about it and he said that centuries ago, it was an outpost of the 59th Roman Legion.

map-southeast_3111559a-largeThis map appeared from somewhere yesterday showing silly place names in England. I was born in Surrey, not far from Dorking, which perhaps explains a few things so I thought I would share it with you. Here’s the link where you can see more and even buy a copy of the map. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/united-kingdom/galleries/Britains-silliest-place-names/map-full/